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Tri Path is a certified installer and partner of major cable, network hardware, and software suppliers. Our attention to detail begins at the foundation of your network. We design your cabling infrastructure, document it and certify that it is performing to spec with the highest quality cabling certification equipment.

Our practices eliminate what other IT service providers often ignore as a source of network issues: improper or under-performing cable infrastructure. If your cabling is already in place, we will attempt to certify each run and report on our findings with clear documentation that shows how your infrastructure is performing as compared to the manufacturer’s standard. If necessary, we will develop a plan to quickly and accurately remedy cabling issues.

We commit to supplying you with the hardware and workstations that fit your needs, employing a comprehensive but painless needs analysis process. We also offer finance options that include Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS). HaaS allows you to acquire the technology you need now and pay for it over time. The plans include options for a full replacement to updated technology at the end of the agreement period so you are always keeping up with the latest and greatest.

Our specialty in conference room audio visual systems and IT solutions make us the best choice to connect your remote workforce.

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