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Shawn Blofsky, owner of EVO, understands that his time is best spent on his business, not his IT systems. However, as is the case with many small businesses, EVO Insurance was in the market for effective and reliable IT equipment that would meet a budget while being secure and remotely manageable.  New cabling, IT technology infrastructure, laptops and peripherals, surveillance cameras and a smart thermostat were all desired features.    


Budget issues were addressed by one of our main partner product lines that offers incredibly competitive up-front hardware costs, coupled with reasonable monthly charges and a solid warranty.  Tri Path was able to install and configure the differing systems more efficiently than other providers due to our ability to handle all the services in house, without involving other contractors. 


The end result is a full-featured network where everything is known, both to us and to the client.  Any network issue results in one call to Tri Path, eliminating the possibility of client frustration with multiple vendors and disparate systems.  All systems were designed for the Client’s convenience: the surveillance system is easily accessed via a web app or browser, the programmable thermostat provides savings on utilities, the network is solid and allows us to proactively service and secure his system, and the backup/disaster recovery system will allow the business to stay up and running, no matter what happens to the facility, IT network or computer workstations.    

EVO signed our UP///Time IT Premier Service Agreement, which provides a known monthly budget for IT service needs.  The agreement includes ongoing system monitoring and proactive service features like regular software updates so EVO ownership and staff can focus on their business, not their technology.

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