City of Oroville, California

Council Chambers AV System


The system in the Oroville City Council Chambers was first installed by our staff back in 2011.  The challenge presented in 2019 was to update the original system, including new functionality desired by end users.  An in-depth needs analysis was launched by Tri Path staff.  When the needs were defined, a review of construction limitations ensued so the limited cable pathways could be accounted for during the system design process.


The objective was to provide a system that would allow one operator to easily run meetings while providing live streaming video to the public, a request to speak queue for attendees within the chambers, digital Council voting results display and archival and the ability to input video from multiple inputs to several displays. Several features were left out of the original system due to budget constraints and were now priorities for the City, and the current budget required the re-use of some existing equipment while providing new functionality.



Because we were involved in the original remodel we were able to negotiate the potential pitfalls of the restrictive cable pathways. As for the request to reuse equipment, we had anticipated the prospect of a future system update when we designed the original system, so we were able to reuse some of the more expensive system components in our new design.

Some of the cabling challenges with the new system were overcome by leveraging components that could utilize the existing cabling and infrastructure. Others were addressed by painstakingly isolating and removing obsolete wiring by disassembling construction features in a way that allowed for easy restoration.

The new system combined the features added after the initial 2011 project, simplifying control by the sole system operator. Complications that existed relating to guest and public commentary were also eliminated in the upgrade.

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