Christ Community Church of Vina

Audio System Update


To quote the client, “Our biggest challenge prior to contacting Tri Path was exiting our prior relationship with another company and trying to come out of that relationship whole. We were looking for someone who could fix the mess created by another company.”  The system in question included equipment that was “in stock and blowout priced” and was installed without consideration for the actual use of the space.


Our staff dug into needs analysis, meeting with the pastor and worship team to start from square one: establishing the definition of a successful system replacement.

The main goal was to improve clarity of worship music and the message, delivered to the congregation with even audio coverage throughout.  Other goals were also identified: The new system should be easy to operate, incorporate the ability to mix audio from within the worship space and include deployment of stage monitors for the worship team.


The client entered into a system design agreement with us, under which our design and sales staff worked together to compose drawings in-house so the space could be analyzed.  Industry standards and the documentation compiled from the needs analysis process came together, driving our team to specification of the correct speaker system and installation location. A digital mixing system was selected that addressed system processing needs and now allows techs to mix audio from within the space so adjustments are made in real time from where the listeners experience worship service.

We were so pleased by the client’s feedback after system installation that sums up the result: “We are extremely happy with the first phase of the sound system. We are now able deliver a worship service and actually hear what we are doing! Additionally, the members of the congregation are able to clearly hear the music and the message from any location in the room. From the moment Cory came to visit us it was clear he was knowledgeable and a straight shooter. At no time did we feel like we were being taken advantage of or talked into equipment we did not need. His knowledge, attitude, and kindness instilled confidence in our choice. We look forward to phase two in the coming year! ”


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